Korea’s secrets to it’s economic success: Reason #5 – “Don’t mess with a Korean woman…”

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When I was younger, my grandma used to chase after me with a broom when I was “misbehaving” in her mind. Sometimes I wondered how that 60+ year old woman could keep up with my 9 year old legs at the time, but now I know why. Most days getting on the subway, I get shoved by some lady wanting to get into the subway car or another lady trying to bolt out on her way to a hair salon or otherwise. I still see my mom put in 16 hour days and she’s approaching 70 years old. There was a time where she wokred 18 hour days regularly while my father slept 18 hour days because he was depressed about living in the United States.

It’s weird, but I think Korean women get stronger as they get older. It’s a weird pheneomena. I have girl friends who tell me that their 50 or 60 year old mothers could kick their butts in almost anything physical. I see older ladies carry around packages that look like it would be painful to carry for more than 10 meters. The work ethic of ladies in almost any restaurant I see would challenge the men in their 20’s in any steel factory or auto manufacturing plant. I can’t get over it…

I’m proud to be related to these women in some way and more importantly, there should be a “women’s day” in my opinion. If it weren’t for them, this country simply could not be as strong as it is. There’s other great things about them, but this is what stands out most in my mind & I’m almost 99% sure this is one of the key reasons to the country’s success — it takes two to tango & in this country, the woman is definitely doing her share, if not doing the leading.


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2 responses to “Korea’s secrets to it’s economic success: Reason #5 – “Don’t mess with a Korean woman…”

  1. Mary

    I tottally agree with you I myself am a Korean woman living in the United States. I look at my mother, who is 100% Korean, and she could kick anyones butt if she wanted to! She is a lot tougher than any of my friends mothers who are either older or the same age. I also agree with the woman’s day, we work really hard and we should be appretiated for it. We live in a male dominated world where men seemed to get praised all the time, not us women. So, I belive we should just go ahead and give ourselves our own day that we can be appretiated.

  2. Starr or My Kyung

    Hear, hear! I wholeheartedly agree. There is no nationality that can boast about our women as we do. We are quite possibly, no definitely, the backbone that has kept Korea strong and proud through the countless generations of injustices we have been privy to. my 5’1″ 54 year old mother is capable of more than most strapping young men I know, both mentally and physically. America’s first ever female naval gunnery officer was Susan Ahn, a close friend of my mothers, not only was she the first woman, but she was a Korean woman in an American navy. I put no feat beyond the grasp of a Korean woman. Just look at this years Olympics where Jang Mi-Ran, a Korean woman broke world records in weightlifting, how appropriate. Korean women are a force to be reckoned with at any age, but most certainly more so as we age. We have long carried our families and our country on our backs, thank you so much for noticing. Now all you have to do is tell everyone else.

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