Global warming = hype? Just a random thought…

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I’m a huge believer in protecting the environment. I was deep in reading all the profiles in Time magazine’s recent issue profiling the “Heroes Of the Environment.” I’ve recently decided that protecting the environment will be a part of everything I do moving forward. I’ve always knew I would in some way…even though I was sort of sidetracked for a few years there thinking NOTHING could help the environment including even getting frustrated with out recycling works in the U.S. Nevertheless, I’m reinvigorated & believe for the sake of all the future children of the world, we need to really fight to protect mother nature.

However, the point of the post wasn’t to support or criticize the efforts. Instead, it’s to question if the long term belief of recent increases in the world’s heat and the rise in temperatures is due 100% from all the CO2 emissions and all the pollution of the world? My thoughts are that we polluted the planet very badly in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s with American Industrialization and with Britain before that. Why is the planet heating up all of a sudden recently? Is it because of the Chinese version of Industrialization is taking place?

I remember once watching a documentary on PBS or something like that about how the sun is expanding. All stars like the sun do NOT last forever. They go through a period where they expand and then explode. So, our heating supply from it is NOT FOREVER supposedly. What if the sun was actually expanding right now to eventually explode & then disappear? I recall in the documentary, it projected it wouldn’t be for millions, if not billions of years. However, science has been wrong before. What if it was in a stage of expanding that would rapidly engulf our planet? What if Gore’s predictions that the next 50 years would be tumultuous with all the changes in weather patterns was multiplied by like 100X’s? What if we knew that the planet actually would die in 100 years & we had to find another place to move? Hmmmm….a random though.

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