In life, does it matter “who you know?” — I would normally say “yes”, but recently thought otherwise on some levels…

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Watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the doctors on the show were fighting for the life of Meredith, one of the main characters of the show. Typically, the show has 3-4 or more stories that develop over the hour episode. For some reason, I think this episode only had 3 focusing a lot on saving Meredith and her mom’s impending death. Very little was focused on her mom since to be frank, her mom seemed like a bitch…until she died. However, Meredith constantly struggled inside and finally at the end of the show she survived.

The fact she survived isn’t the point of the post, but rather every single doctor trying their best to give their effort in helping her. Now, if Meredith was another “stranger” or a patient as many of us are, she would of been screwed. Most of us are in the 95% or more people who the doctors of this world can NOT call close friends. So, do they give the same effort as they would their friends? Perhaps there are some better than average doctors, but how about the majority of doctors? Can we blame them?

I guess my point is kind of silly, but maybe it’s to go and make a bunch of doctor friends & make sure you don’t forget their birthdays. Just kidding…

Seriously, I’ve grown up in life sometimes wondering who my friends would become. I also sometimes wondered would I treat someone who was more successful or someone who could help me later in life. I’ve struggled with this all my life. I’ve always told myself I would never befriend someone just for the sake of them helping me. I used to go broke & build up lots of credit card debt in college paying for my friends because I wanted to give. However, did I have something down deep in my psyche thinking some day these people would pay me back? I wonder…

Well, I barely keep in touch with any of them – the college kids I paid for all their Denny’s and Shari’s meals for. When I think about it, my best college friend is probably Derek Wong. Him and I have kept in touch since our logger days & we’ve never failed to not touch base every so often. He’s the man that’s basically responsible for my brother’s current life even though my brother fails to acknowledge it. While my brother’s personality & abilities definitely were the primary reasons for his position with the Seattle Mariners, I would argue that if Derek didn’t get my brother his first job at Real Networks, he would have never had a real chance to become a Systems Administrator and then NEVER have the skills to take on that first Mariners job which required technical skills.

I didn’t know Derek was going to be the very man who helped him. At the same time, if I did, would I have tried to keep in touch with him all these years? Fortunately, I have to say “no.” I’ve kept in touch with him because I think he’s one of the better men, if not one of the best men I’ve met in my life. Nevertheless, what if I knew Bill Gates? Warren Buffett? Karlos Slim? Would life be better? Perhaps I’d have more opportunities, but at the same time, maybe it would be as “rich” as it is now…

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