Degradation of customer service — one problem with the Internet

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Just finished my taxes about 2-3 weeks ago — filed for an extension & then waited until the last minute AGAIN to file them. Fortunately, I got them out before October 15th, the due date. At least that’s what I think…

Today, I had one of those “Oh my God, did I?….” days where I realized I haven’t saved the actual file return onto my hard drive & thought I’d better hurry up and go into the program & download the .pdf tax return just in case. Of course, they probably have a million backups of past tax returns or they wouldn’t want to be in the business for the long run. However, it never hurts to have a copy myself & a backup. Who knows? Maybe the CEO is sleeping with his cousin’s daughter and will be prosecuted for being a pedophile next week & the company comes crashing down? ^^ Seriously, you never know the true health of any company because we don’t know what those boys (& sometimes women) do in the board rooms.

Nevertheless, I jump online to get my .pdf file of the return, BUT I can’t tell if I filed it. All signs say “yes” I filed it since I do remember paying for it (sign #1) and I can’t find a single button that says “approve & send away” which I recall at one point I did see and the return is complete. Also, I didn’t get messages from my advisor warning me it would be late…sign #4. Anyway, all signs are good, but I just want to make sure. So, I click on the “Help” link or whatever button or link is in the top right corner. Well, it makes me jump through like 10 hoops (well at least 2 or 3) and I finally get to the point where I can talk to someone live — supposedly. Guess what? I can’t speak to someone live…they have operating hours just like their regular customer service. Their virtual customer service hours do NOT work 24 hours a day. Are we saying H&R Block hasn’t discovered India and all the other places to outsource their C.S. like does?

Well, more importantly, I can’t find a single place on the website that allows me to freakin’ send them an email. Haven’t they figured out the “contact form” route of resolving customer service issues? I bet it’s actually intentionally imbedded somewhere REALLY DEEP and that I could find it if I had 18 hours on my hands to look for it. H&R Block is definitely not the first company guilty of this, but it’s definitely not something I’m excited about with their service. I’m not going anywhere now H&R Block, but if you cross me just one more time…just kidding, but seriously, I usually give companies 3 strikes & H&R Block just struck at their first ball. I like them otherwise.

Companies these days will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to save themselves from speaking to us “live” and in this case “respond to emails.” What’s up with that? Like my good friend Crystal complained about some service that caters to mother’s, these companies sometimes act like crooks…it’s really sad.

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