Rage: I almost killed somebody tonight…rather, I almost was killed…

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I was just minding my own business eating some fried vegetables and “oh-dang” which is the equivalent of “fish cake” boiled in “oh-dang” broth. Never would have I thought ever I would of gotten into a brawl at one of these stands, but tonight was almost my first. A guy, about 50 lbs heavier than me and about 1/2 foot taller starts spitting my way, “What are you looking at, you asshole?!” The interesting thing was I wasn’t even looking his way. He just wanted to pick a fight. He repeated, “Hey bitch, what are you looking at, I said!?” All of this is in Korean, by the way…

Well, I finally look back and my eyes get wide with him constantly taunting me. I can’t handle it anymore and drop the food in my hand and my backpack behind me. I tell the guy, “If you want some, come get it.” He says, “I’m going to kick your fucking ass bitch.” I tell him to just start it and we’ll see who gets who. Well, the ladies at the stand start to intervene and tell me it would be in my best interest not to get into it. The thoughts roll through my head too whether or not I should partake in this. The guy’s friend starts yelling obscenities as well as if they want to both take me on.

I’m not having an easy time holding my rage in. I decide to instead just take a step away and actually put my backpack in a kimbop restaurant beside this stand. I place the bag on the chair & walk right back out to confront the guy. I was about to fight him. However, the ladies get in the way and I continue to think about it. I walk back into the kimbop restaurant to gather my thoughts. This time around, I see a very large knife sitting on the counter since the ladies in the restaurant are busy serving customers. The thought crosses my mind as if I’m in a Korean movie or something where I wield a knife and potentially stab someone. This time it’s not funny or entertaining, but it’s REALLY possible.

I opt not to do this. I know that there’s the chance that they get back with other weapons and I may be lying on the ground like Jodie Foster and her dead fiancee were in the movie “The Brave One.” I start to think of the possibilities and just decide it’s not worth it, but they keep taunting me. It’s really frustrating because I know these guys deserve to get their asses kicked. If it isn’t me, it’s got to be someone teaching these assholes a lesson. I thought bullying only occurred in elementary or junior high school & thought those days were over, but here I am in the middle of a potential life threatening situation — the question is who’s life was threatened. Bets are it was probably mine since I’m not a regular fighter…these hoodlums look like they’ve been in a fight or two. I’m also in Busan, which I shouldn’t forget (the dramatized in movies “gangster capital” of South Korea)…

I keep on thinking back onto this moment earlier tonight. I wonder what if I took that knife into a battle with these jerks? What if I found something else like a pole? I actually wish I did find a pole, but then again, the images of me bloodied on the ground with no one to help me keep on flooding into my head. I know it was better to walk away, but people like this really deserve to be punished, I believe.


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2 responses to “Rage: I almost killed somebody tonight…rather, I almost was killed…

  1. SKY

    What happened to the BNA that I remember….the one that loses his temper and fights the crazy Cambodian?!! Damn, living in Korea made you SOFT!

  2. Actually, don’t forget buddy it was you who got punched by the crazy Cambodian…it’s ironic that the same crazy Cambodian asked you to be his best man…he is really crazy. Tell Chet “hi” for me, by the way…

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