Maybe we should start considering this for our ESL programs in Asia…

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On another WordPress blog, I noticed this link to a report called the “Language Report” which an account of the state and use of the English language published by the Oxford University Press (OUP) in 2003. It was compiled by lexicographer Susie Dent, best known for her regular appearances on the television word game CountdownI guess it’s a regular publication produced every year now even though I can’t seem to find it online yet…it did land me on an Oxford web page which keeps track of the “word of the year.” I’ll post the 80’s through 2004 here & put the link for the rest below…1980 power dressing
1981 toy-boy
1982 hip-hop
1983 beatbox
1984 double-click
1985 OK yah
1986 mobile
1987 virtual reality
1988 gangsta
1989 latte
1990 applet
1991 hot-desking
1992 URL
1993 have it large
1994 Botox
1995 kitten heels
1996 ghetto fabulous
1997 dot-commer
1998 text message
1999 google
2000 bling bling
2001 9/11
2002 axis of evil
2003 sex up
2004 chav

For the rest of the list, visit this page:

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