The difference between Taiwanese and Koreans…

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Went up to Seoul for a wedding this weekend & started to do the normal “small talk” with people I have no idea if I’ll ever see again, but thinking “why not” since what harm will it do, right?  Plus, most the others weren’t willing to talk anyway…so I thought I’d take a chance. There’s a lady about my age 2 chairs away who’s reading a children’s book in English & I’m thinking she’s gotta be a mother of a young kid & potentially can speak English since my friend went to Seoul Foreign School (SFS) or a name like that which educated kids born outside of Korea for the most part to be educated in English in Korea. I say some stupid comment in English & she retorts back in Korean…I’m caught off guard, but she’s friendly enough & we strike up a good conversation so I’m no longer bored.

Her husband soon comes back & speaks English like me. So, we’re able to talk for a bit before we’re allowed to “sit with the other guests” inside the restaurant. On all accounts, he looks Korean and speaks it fluently to his wife. So, what am I suppose to assume, right? Well, he later tells me he’s Taiwanese. He grew up in Korea and went to SFS with my friend. We get to talking and he tells me the difference between Koreans and Taiwanese. He tells me this as a response to my somewhat ignorant comment saying “I thought Koreans and Taiwanese are very similar.” To be honest, I did…

Anyway, he says, “No, that’s not the case.” I can’t remember exactly what he said & I know I’m going to butcher it along with maybe misquoting it, but what I remember is what he said in the end. Basically, he may have been a little uncomfortable at the beginning because he was basically saying Koreans are a little too blunt, I believe. It’s definitely something I agree with at times. Well, he retracts and tries to clarify and says that it probably means Koreans are more “honest.” Again, I agree. However, what he ended with was a little surprising. He said that Taiwanese were a little more cunning and sneaky about the way they do things & may be nice up front, but…

Well, I’m sure he didn’t mean they were evil by any means, but perhaps he was being humble and saying they can be sneaky. Koreans can be too…most cultures are full of people with ulterior motives. At the same time, I do agree sometimes Koreans just sometimes put it all out there. I kind of like that, but then again, I’m biased…

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One response to “The difference between Taiwanese and Koreans…

  1. Koreans have ” Peninsula Personality” whereas Taiwanese have ” Island Personality”. That is major differences between the two ethnicity.

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