Globalization = Global Warming?

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Sometimes I wake up with a profound thought unable to erase it out of my head until I splatter the thoughts here…

While this may not be the first time someone’s thought of it, I wonder how many people have been thinking of the negative repercussions of globalization. A majority of what I’ve seen and read says globalization has done this planet wonders including sharing one anothers’ cultures, increasing the GDP of countries that used to be poor, and possibly placing the world back on a track where we can hopefully some day solve the worlds’ environmental problems. However, did we realize that it may be the main cause of the latter? Did we realize that “sharing” would actually help the world undermine its’ own self?

I’m going to the be the last person in the world to say that globalization is bad to be frank. I love the fact that we can now know what’s going on in Burma (Myanmar) in a second even when the brutal military dictatorship tries to close out every form of media while they slaughter their own people. Nevertheless, as the economies of India, China, Turkey and many more break records in their stock markets and while their currencies shoot up the value charts of the world, are they first checking to see how much they are contributing to the environmental problems before placing another renminbi or rupee into their citizens’ pockets? I’m going to argue “no.” Did the U.S. when they first industrialized? No, they didn’t…

As emerging economies grow and as countries build their countries to emulate the #1 in the world (the U.S.), I’m going to bet they’ll be contributing quite a bit of pollution before they finally start contributing positively to the environment. Every Spring, the Koreans see it in their country when a big dust of yellow @#$#@! is dumped over every city and people are warned to stay inside. Not that it’s environmentally bad at face value, I was also reading that despite the Burmese political problems and violations to human rights, there are Indian companies that are still signing HUGE oil contracts with the dictators who are brutally killing their peoples. Are these countries learning “ethics” before they are learning how to build their economies? Are their branches of Green Peace or the Sierra Club growing as big and as powerful as their counterparts are in the West? I doubt it.

Hopefully, some day the impact of Globalization will be the reverse of all these contributions to the destruction of the planet. I truly hope…

If I don’t do something big enough to reverse it in my lifetime, I’m hoping my friends, or Kade or Kamden are able to do something…

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One response to “Globalization = Global Warming?

  1. Jae

    Call me a pessimist/realist, but I think this horse (i.e., the detrimental environmental impacts of increased global industrialization) has already left the barn. That said, I approach this like I do with voting–probably won’t make a big impact on an individual level, but I have hope that if we all do our part, it can at least slow down the effects. Naturally, being a parent causes me to be more forward thinking about this, as I worry about the world that we’ll leave behind for the next generation.

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