“Learning Korean” becoming popular?

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Thinking about adding another project to my long list of them…creating a blog about learning Korean. Well, my first step always is to see what are the popular search terms that people are looking up to find websites on the topic.

The first phrase that comes up with approximately 3000+ searches is “learn korean” of course. The next 9 are as follows to round out the top 10:

phrase: approximate # of searches online
learn korean language 1360
learn the korean language free 561
learn to speak korean 478
basic basic korean korean language learn pimsleur program speak understand 416
conversational conversational korean korean language learn pimsleur program speak understand 383
learn korean online 228
learn korean alphabet 182
how to learn korean words 163
learn korean free 123

I go to check to see if the dot com versions of these are available (most of them minus the 5th and the 6th phrases which are obviously WAY TOO LONG to use) and almost EVERY SINGLE ONE is gone. And even a permutation 4 more down the list with about 58 searches a month “let learn korean” and adding an ‘s’ to the “let” lands you a site which looks pretty damn good. I’m jealous, to be frank. I was hoping actually to profit a tiny bit — a few cents a day off a site where I help others learn what I know and what I will begin to learn from today, but I’m thinking now I’m not making a single cent off this thing. However, the great thing to see is that learning the language of about a little more than 50 million people in the world is actually pretty popular — at least online.

Either the Korean people have made it attractive or people just find it fascinating to learn the language of a country that’s found it’s way to build the 11th largest economy in the world (according to some statistics) despite only being the 25th largest in terms of population and like the 106th largest country in terms of land size. There’s actually a show these days on Korean television where they put a bunch of foreigners together who can speak incredible Korean talking about the culture and funny things that occur in their daily lives. Regardless of the content, it’s impressive to see other nationalities really take on the language as much as they would other more popular and more used languages like Chinese or Spanish. I love it…


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2 responses to ““Learning Korean” becoming popular?

  1. Lee

    There’s a good program put out by Arirang TV called ‘Let’s speak Korean’. You can find it on their website and on youtube if you search for it.

    They have a whole bunch of 10 minute shows, where they teach you one or two grammar points in different ways. Check it out

  2. It would be great if there were more online resources to learn Korean, especially for all the young people coming over to teach.

    There’s a good new site at:


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