The lack of dryers in South Korea — a cultural phenomena where they like to hang dry

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One thing some foreigners have a hard time getting used to is the fact their units sometimes don’t come with a dryer. In the states, we ALWAYS had a dryer next to our washer. However, in many Korean households, they ONLY have a washer. It’s because they like to “hang dry.” On many balconies in Korean apartments and even in the villas or officetels, you will find the clothing of many Koreans hanging out to dry. It’s accepted. It’s common.

However, it means you have to be patient for at least a day so it can dry. Also, there better be plenty of backup clothing in case you do use up all your underwear. Whereas back home (in the U.S.), we are only a good 2 hours (1 hr in the washer & 1 in the dryer) away from a virgin clean (or close to it) pair of underwear or pair of socks. In Korea, you have to wait at least a 1/2 a day or so.

Well, I’ve gotten used to it & it does require a bit more management of my clothes inventory, but who knows…maybe this is Korea’s part (for now) in saving the environment of the world. Rather, at least they’re not consuming that much more electricity on their dryers.

At the same time, it is becoming more commonplace to see washer & dryer combinations where the same machine does perform the drying function. I’d argue it never gets it “snuggly” dry as it did back home. If you do miss your dryer here in Korea, make sure you get an officetel until to satisfy this need. ^^


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2 responses to “The lack of dryers in South Korea — a cultural phenomena where they like to hang dry

  1. Jae

    Ahh, the good old days of stiff cotton tidy whiteys coming fresh off the line…

  2. Yeah even if you find dryers they usually suck.

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