JoongAng Daily turns out to be much more reasonable…

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I wrote previously about a call I made to the Korean Herald about getting the paper delivered to my front door. Well, I complained that it was shocking how much it was. Now, I’m thinking the gal I spoke to must of quoted me the wrong price because after I called JoongAng Daily, the Korean newspaper which is called “JoonAng Ilbo” in Korean & is partnered with the International Herald Tribune (IHT) quoted me only $20 or so for delivery. The caveat is that it’s a day late since it’s published in Seoul.

A day late? I don’t care if it’s 3 days late. Its’ not like I’m needing the news right away here in Korea. So, I’m INCREDIBLY HAPPY compared to the 60,000 won I swear the lady quoted me earlier. I may have to call again to make sure my ears weren’t playing a funny trick on me or I didn’t call some gal who joined the staff and was misinformed. Perhaps it was because they deliver “same day news” and they charge a premium for that? A 300% premium, that is…?

Anyway, the quality of the JoongAng Daily is better since it has the IHT partnership. It typically goes for 1300 won as well at the newsstand. So, I’m actually getting like a $6 buck discount monthly for being patient with a day late news. Who cares? I get it delivered to my front door…

**small note though: the first day it was suppose to be delivered, it didn’t arrive. I’m a little concerned that someone just swiped it. It would be an easy swipe since I wake up late & there are other foreigners on my floor. I’m not accusing anyone, but if it starts to disappear regularly, you can bet your mama’s apple pie that I’m going to post something about it here! ^^ The positive thing was the folks at 1577-0510 (or called me to make sure it was delivered the first day & also followed up on the 2nd day. Now, THAT’S what you call customer service!!!

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