Marathon running = higher chance of death?

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Most people I know who run quite a bit have lots of energy and it keeps them healthy and sound. However, I can’t NOT notice the number of people I’ve seen die over the years in their early 20’s or 30’s who were marathon runners. Just recently, top Marathon runner Ryan Shay died at the age of 28 years old.

Just doing a quick search online to look for Jim [not sure his last name, but I think he was famous in the 80’s], I found this blog posting that’s much more thorough than mine & has spent a bit more time writing/thinking about the subject furthering my theory. It postulated in July of this year that there may be a connection between a higher heart attack rate & running long distances after witnessing Alberto Salazar having a heart attack at the age of 48 despite winning 3 NY Marathons, the Boston Marathon, and being World Record holder in long distance running. He fortunately recovered. It wrote about 4 others who were less lucky as well.

I was looking up an older name in the marathon running field by the name of “Jim something” and found the aforementioned blog post. I searched on “marathon runner jim dies” and unfortunately found multiple stories from one marathon on the West coast (of the U.S.) to another one on the East. There were so many names that I can’t say that this connection is isolated, but seems to be quite frequent.

I know personally I run about 2-3 kilometers every other day and when I do, I’m dying. I remember running 5 kilometers in New York back in the 90’s and I got past a point where my body just turned numb. I wonder if our bodies are telling us something. Maybe we just can NOT handle being pushed past a certain point. Well, whatever the conclusion is, I do worry about my friend and coworkers Jareb & Joanna. If you guys are reading this, do please look into this. The world would be at a HUGE loss without you two.


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2 responses to “Marathon running = higher chance of death?

  1. George

    If you screw up your blood doping–then yes.

    Otherwise—it is not possible for a 28 elite runner to die.

    Bad Doping = death.

  2. 001

    The more you push your body the stronger it gets, but you also have to know your limits.
    If you’re used with running that much you shouldn’t be at any risk if you don’t do something incredibly stupid or incredibly wrong.

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