Is anyone SAD?

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I get these random updates from an Xanga blog from this teacher up north who I subscribed to at one point & have failed to remove since her once in a while (actually it’s like every other day) updates are sometimes entertaining. She’s a little “off” and she’s the one who complained to headquarters that I contacted her out of the blue & asked her to come down to Busan to have a drink or bite to eat to learn more about the Academies down here. I probably need to unsubscribe, but what the heck…it takes up a few seconds of my life every other day.

The point of this post isn’t to talk about her, but to identify what she just said: she’s unhappy & depressed potentially due to the weather. A few weeks back, I felt a little down. In past years, I’ve definitely been more SAD than this year. SAD means sad, but it also means “Seasonal Affective Disorder” which I think I had previously. This year, I’ve been so busy & have a lot of projects on the plate, I feel like almost nothing can get me down. At the same time, I just heard about a family members internal hemorrhaging. Not good…

Many of my coworkers and people I manage have also expressed being a “little down” ever since the weather changed as well. I haven’t been exercising for the past week & feel very sluggish lately. I need to get down on all fours right now and do at least 100+ push ups or I know I’m going down a path of “no exercise” this winter.

Anyway, the weather does do this to us — not just because it normally “brings us down” through rain or colder weather. I think instead that it’s just harder to do something our bodies definitely need: exercise. We have to struggle through the cold weather because if we’re not active, it just really reduces our blood circulation and our energy levels. I know in class I’ve been more “sleepy.” I think I need to just fight through this with a bit of self motivation. Anyone else need an exercise partner? ^^

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