The image above — what are all the pics?

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Some people have been asking me directly “What’s the story behind all the pictures you put in the image above?”

The first one on the left is a concept car that Hyundai, Korea’s most famous export of automobiles, has been testing & potentially releasing in the near future. The picture right after that is a famous pic of a gal caught during the World Cup back when Korea took a top 4 placing in the world — their best run ever. I believe she went on to sing at least one pop hit song. The next image is a somewhat common image of the beautiful colors painted on some of the bottoms of ceilings in many of Korea’s temples. Rain or “Bi” as some call him here in Korea is the biggest male pop star in Korea at this point. He’s being overrun by lots of boy bands though. Some traditional lanterns follow Rain and some Shabu Shabu (I’m getting hungry) follow them. Actually squished in between Rain & the Shabu Shabu are some cute Korean kids in the classroom — probably learning the language this blog is written in: English. Mina Shin, a popular movie & t.v. actress is next. I like her personality. Kim bop follows her and it’s as common in Korea as Pizza and hot dogs are in the states. Finally, an image of some young & potentially future Buddhist monks in training.

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