This year’s International High School success stories

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One of my students called me yesterday out of the blue…he called to “thank me” for getting him into his International School. He was applying for Kukje International here in Busan. I’ve had him for the past 9+ months in class and there were many times where he sounded like he wasn’t happy being there, but he persisted. These past couple of weeks, he was one of the few students…maybe the only one…that took me up on my offer to write me consistently for practice & I would edit each and everyone of his essays. Well, I didn’t get to one of his 5-6 essays, I recall, but he got busy with studying for tests & he stopped writing them…so I thought we were o.k. However, I was a little concerned because I thought the lack of practice might hurt him, but it looks like you can’t erase 9+ months of work. Plus, he was writing very impressively recently…so he deserved it 2 weeks ago anyway. I was about 80-90% sure he would get in, but his call last night was a nice surprise.

It makes a total of 5 of my students getting in this fall. I don’t know if more will get in, but I have a feeling that at least 2-3 more will as well. Then again, I wouldn’t say “I’m the one purely responsible for their success.” It was them and their parents that got them in for the most part. Congrats Brian, Nina, Dongmin, Sue and Christina! I’m thinking several others will soon be getting congratulatory remarks from me too. ^^

*interesting note: I only teach these classes part time & I don’t even have the time to put my full effort forward. I can’t even imagine what I would do if I REALLY really tried. 🙂

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  1. I guess my numbers were even greater — going above 20+ possibly reaching 30 kids. In the entire area of Busan, we supposedly helped 60+ kids get into Int’l/Foreign Language Schools.

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