What is Brandon in Korean?

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One of the reasons why I stay here at WordPress with a long url like https://therealsouthkorea.wordpress.com is because they have a great metrics system identifying the number of views, the search terms people use to find me, the number of clicks people make on the links & which links are popular.

I saw a funny thing today though with my metrics today. Check out the 6th phrase in the following list of search phrases people find me with:

Search Views
korean work fashion 5
ryan shay death 2
korean saunas 2
best friend dedications 1
system mechanice vs norton 1
What is Brandon in Korean 1
“christopher paul neil” 1
why is symantec so crap 1
walmart in korea 1
calling korea from us cell phone1

I thought it was funny…why would anyone search for “What is Brandon in Korean “? I’m thinking it may have been one of my kids, but who knows…maybe there is someone in the world who really wants to know what “Brandon” means in Korean. 😉


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3 responses to “What is Brandon in Korean?

  1. Gina

    Actually I put in “Brandon in Korean” and came up with your site! I wanted to know how to spell Brandon in Korean without having to use every letter in the Korean alphabet!
    Just thought you would want to know!

  2. I guess, it would be “브랜든” and yes, it does seem like you have to use almost every letter of the alphabet…or a few more than needed, I guess. 😉

  3. fort minor

    haha..well.. I came across yours site because..and its weird saying this.. but I met this guy when I was in Korea called Brandon who was serving in the US army and taught combatives.. we lost contact.. I’ve never understood why, but I never forgotton him. All I know he was leaving the army to go to Washington to study Law. So I do a google search from ‘Brandon Joseph Kerr, army combatives, monkey beach, wolfhounds’ once in a while… 😉 sorry, no interest in what ‘brandon’ means in korea.

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