Top notch customer service at the local post office

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Coming up is the holiday season in the states, but here in Korea there is not much activity like they have back west. However, if we were in the west, I think you might be shocked at the extremely polite and helpful people at the post offices here.

Well, I go to the post office to mail off a package. I needed to repackage the contents because my friend who asked me to send it off for her just gave me the location it would be sentence and the original box she ripped open. First, the post office has plenty of supplies like some of the ones back home. In addition to the boxes though, they have plenty of tape, scissors, and all the other utensils you would need to package something on the spot. It’s all for free as well. I saw one lady actually get out from her desk and help the customers with her bare hands because she felt like she wasn’t doing anything herself.

In my broken Korean, I ask if there could be extra tracking placed on the package to be sent to Seoul & she gets confused because of my lack of quality “Korean skills.” However, she persists and we finally figure out that what I mean is to “confirm” rather than “track” which is translated into Korean as “Hwak-een” or 확인 in Hangul. After clearing up how to “confirm” my package rather than track, she shows me on the receipt how to do it online. It cost a total of less than $3 and away off was the package.

I also asked about Post office boxes which I noticed off to the right. She said all of them were taken, but I could get service from the guy who manages it. He was the friendliest guy & got my number to put me on the waiting list. I have no extraordinary events to report, but you could just feel it…incredibly friendly service at the post office.

Perhaps it’s because we’re in Busan?

**p.s. Please note though that the U.S. Postal Service has been quite impressive over the past few years after the Postmaster changed things a few years back. However, the comments in the aforementioned just buttressed the other great customer service I’ve been getting lately from service agents in Busan. Just, just too friendly…

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