Despite an IQ of 130, I think I’m linguistically challenged…

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Quite ironic given that I work in a profession focused on linguistics…

However, I must know HOW to teach English.  I just found out today of the 9th student who was accepted to a competitive International School.  I have a feeling I will hear from another 5-10 more students which is a pretty high rate given that I wasn’t even able to spend more than even a few months with some of them.  Of course, part of that — actually, a lot of it has to do with the fact they were GREAT students before they met me.  However, at least, I didn’t find some way to “decrease” their chances.  😛

However, I’ve been learning Korean off and on for the past 36 years and finding I’m not even as close to the skill that many that appear on television that have only been in the country for 2-3 years.

On the flip side though, just one year ago, my current CEO and I couldn’t even understand each other that well.  He speaks a dialect specific to the local area which even native Koreans only understand 70% of his language because he also speaks in “complex Korean” at times.  Recently, after he took back over the reigns of the company, I’ve had to meet and talk to him frequently.  I would say my previous 30% comprehension and about the same in terms of speaking to him has increased to about 60-70% just below that of many of the Koreans that know the language as their first tongue.  I can also speak to him enough that we don’t follow two divergent paths.

Nevertheless, I sometimes feel like I need to “hunker down” and really learn this language.  I just wish more than 50,000,000 spoke the language…perhaps I would be a little more motivated vs. the over 2+ billion people who use English in their daily lives.

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