Being online allows us to now track things like “top stories read” real time…

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For example, in today’s Chosun Ilbo (, the top stories read are:

A Fresh Look at Korean-American Issues

Harisu Calls Cops Over Nude Video Clip on the Web

French Discover Korean Cuisine

British Royals to Watch Telly on Samsung TVs

The Rebirth of Myeongdong

Researchers Unveil Korea’s First Emotional Robot

Korea’s 20-somethings Being Sidelined

Park Geun-hye Keeping Cards Close to Her Chest

Propelled to the Top by 200 Pounds

A Move That Came Too Late

Most stories being pretty intuitive…  However, to explain a couple of these: The #1 story writes about how a Korean American Director creates a movie not about just how the Korean American is struggling with her/his identity.  The 2nd story is about a transexual who changed to a female & his/it’s name is Harisu.  The rest is obvious.  Myeongdong is a busy shopping district in Seoul — looks like it’s being reborn…interesting — probably just extra P.R. 

The 8th and 10th top stories are about how the loser in the GNP (conservative Korean party) primaries Park Geun-hye still has some sway and influence.  She supposedly was offended by the leading GNP candidate right now Lee Myung-bak with his x-2nd in command who quit recently due to her despise of his #2.  The “move that came too late” was his departure — Lee Myung-bak’s 2nd in command.  The other conservative party surprise recently with Lee Hoi-chang entering the race as an independent probably puts a little fear in the Lee Myung-bak campaign.  If Park decides to support the new/old Lee (Hoi-chang), it could truly affect the race in the end.  According to a survey in the Korea Times, supposedly 61% of the Korean population support a conservative candidate — the question now is “who is the right conservative candidate?” 

Interestingly though, the 9th story happens to probably be a mistake since it’s a story about a movie that started last December (2006).  Unless people have decided to read the story 1 year late.  ^^

In the Korea Times, you have these as the following “top stories”:

Paris Hilton ‘Loves Everything About Korea’
‘Studying Abroad No Guarantee for Improving English Proficiency’
Casual Office Attire Losing Edge Worldwide
Poor Rankings
Singer IVY Tops Internet News
61% of Voters Back Conservative Candidates
Kim Yu-na Tops Cup of China
How to Get Over Chronic Fatigue
How North Korea Can Say Thanks
Sending Troops to Iraq Was Historical Error: President

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