Immediate financial gains or a potential long term future…

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An old boss of mine is offering me a lot more money. However, the problem I believe is that the market he has his business is in a limited one from what I can tell. More importantly, he’s burned a few bridges and has the potential to burn more. He’s a passionate man, but sometimes he distrusts too many people — enough to bury his own business as well. I’m a little worried for him because I like the man a lot. Despite leaving his company about 9 months ago to take on potentially a position that can take advantage of the 2nd largest market in Korea, he’s still kept faith in me & wants me to work with him.

Supposedly he has money from another business, but honestly, I don’t know if he can pay me the enormous salary he’s offering. He even says he’s going to buy me a car. What would you do? I have a bit of debt back home and right now, the salary, despite the post earlier about making more than the CEO, I don’t make much more than the average teacher after sending most of it to my family. However, I really wonder how he can support me & I also wonder if he can really build a strong enough business with the franchise he has — since there’s a jerk in a high position at the headquarters who’s going to honestly prevent many of the franchises from truly blossoming. Any thoughts? He’s meeting me tomorrow…so the sooner, the better. ^^

Well, if I don’t accept it, I’m going to hope the recent change in management will still grow our business. I probably won’t get much out of it minus getting exposure to a larger audience. Perhaps if it does bloom into something else, it may be better than the lucrative offer in front of me. Not sure…


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2 responses to “Immediate financial gains or a potential long term future…

  1. Lee

    Who dares wins, but look before you leap.

    There are always too many variables in a situation like this. Get all of the information you possibly can, then go with your gut.

  2. Thanks Lee…there are TOO many variables as you say.

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