The Ivy League: some quick analysis

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This past fall for the class of 2011, it looks like Harvard took over as one of the hardest schools to gain admissions. From a College Coach Michelle Hernandez, her website identifies the following as the admissions rates of the Ivy League Schools:

Harvard 8.97%
Princeton 9.46%
Yale 9.63%
Columbia 10.35%
Brown 13.53%
Dartmouth 15.27%
Penn 15.95%
Cornell 20.50%

If you throw Stanford and MIT into the mix, Stanford would of place 4th and MIT 6th with Stanford added into the rankings as well.

I thought I would do a little brand recognition test or rather a “search rankings” test to see what people were searching online when it came to the same schools. Columbia was the cream of the crop on this list, but it has to be understood that Columbia has so many permutations, it just makes sense. I mean, you could have Columbia city, Columbia records, Christopher Columbia, and much more. Brown falls into the same problem. Without these extra semantic issues, Harvard rests on top as it does with the difficulties in gaining entrance. Princeton follows closely — again with Brown & Columbia having an unfair advantage of all the permutations and uses of the two words. The list rounded out very similar to the rankings for admissions difficulty which made an interesting test.

columbia 133,587
harvard 61,276
brown 60,434
princeton 44,470
yale 38,562
u of penn 35,749
cornell 33,228
dartmouth 17,010

**There is a caveat to the actual numbers. Unfortunately, there are MANY permutations of each term & how people search is somewhat inconsistent. Thus, the numbers were primarily based on the root word like “brown” and the word “university” added to the college main brand name. In terms of Penn, there was the added “University of Penn” added to it giving it a slight advantage in its search rankings. By no means is this truly scientific, but just a swag of relatively general data. It was still interesting for me…come on, this is a blog post! 😉
***Stanford and MIT were also left out this time. Perhaps I’ll throw them in later.

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