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Looking for some reputable alternatives to our school for a recent candidate, I checked out who does quite a bit of advertising via Google Adwords. They come up constantly in my gmail account and in many searches on ESL in Korea. They must be spending a bit. I just spent $30 in one day helping one client and only got like 40 clicks. If they are there all the time, I can’t imagine how much they are spending.

Anyway, the purpose here isn’t to criticize how much they may be spending on Adwords (Google should be thanking them), but rather that the “English” button on their website is dysfunctional when visited via Firefox/Mozilla. I don’t know if they know, but IE (Internet Explorer) is not as dominant as it was in the past & Firefox/Mozilla holds about a 36.6% market share of people accessing the Internet via their browser. So, YesEnglish is basically acting like NoEnglish when people visit their site via Firefox/Mozilla. They basically are wasting almost 40% of their advertisement spend on traffic to their site when people are using Firefox/Mozilla — maybe a few persist and try to navigate around in Korean, but I hope they have a direct link to their jobs (for their sake). Then again, I guess I shouldn’t care since it’s just another business not realizing how much they are losing by doing a little Quality Assurance (QA).

I’m grateful now that in my life I’ve had experiences in many fields like QA, Education, Media, Management, Grocery, Small, Medium & Big size(ed) businesses, Media, Advertising, Marketing, Software, Software Training, Broadcasting, Agriculture, Publishing, Financial Services and I’m sure several others if I think about it. The past experiences remind me to examine issues on many levels instead of just through one narrow minded viewpoint.

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  1. There are alot of websites like that.

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