Defending A-Rod is idiotic…

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OK, I try to avoid sports except in my personal life at all costs. Basically, the athletes, the owners and the entire business has simply turned it into that: business. It’s no longer sport, but rather a business. With that said, I still watch it, sometimes I go to a game or 2, but I don’t support it outside a few personal engagements and whenever I can support my brother & his franchise, I will. That’s it…o.k. maybe if other people in my family ever play or whatever, I’ll support it because of family.

The ironic thing is that I have a deep love for sport — it’s in my blood. I could sit there and watch it all day, but I choose not to because again, it’s getting very much out of hand.

Nevertheless, this story caught my eye today on because again, I have this natural inclination to check once in a while. It was titled: “If you don’t want A-Rod, you’re nuts” It read a little something like this….

“You’re joking, right? You can’t be serious. Sixty-one percent of you who responded to our Page 2 poll on Tuesday wouldn’t want baseball’s best player on your favorite team? You’d be disappointed if your team signed a (soon-to-be) three-time MVP and Gold Glove winner who can play third base or shortstop? You don’t want a player who could become the all-time home run king? If that’s really true, I have another poll question for you:

Do you feel this way because your drug problem is that severe, or because the American educational system is that bad? Or do you simply listen to too much sports talk radio?…..”

Well, I wanted to write a follow up comment even though there were already 700+, but it required signing up for an account which I simply don’t want to sign up for another account, to be frank. So, here’s my comment(s):

Yes, he’s good. However, he is the greediest bastard that has ever existed in sports. Salaries have gotten out of hand & yes, they are worth it via the market. However, knowing his character & knowing how selfish he is including cheating on his wife & being the womanizer he is, he has just shown he’s 100% pure A-S-S. Yes, I would sacrifice the chance to take on a future hall of famer because my team would be made up of better people which in the long run are a better value to my marketing, to my team’s image and much more. People hate the guy in many ways because they should.

**My brother and his good friend in college almost tried to beat up the guy once. Basically, my brother’s friend was dating a girl at the time who worked out at the same gym as him (the University of Washington gym). A-Rod was about picking up women there on a regular basis. Well, one day he was able to convince Dave’s girlfriend to sleep with her. While Dave’s a nice guy, he was stupid for dating a woman like that who would cheat on him (sorry Dave, if you ended up marrying her–I’m REALLY sorry for you), but A-Rod was the type that even if he knew that, he wouldn’t care. I’m not saying there aren’t another billion dogs out there who would do the same thing, but regardless, A-Rod is simply “A big frickin’ Rod.” Period.

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