Righteousness or justice at the checkstand…


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Definitely not a huge deal, but tonight, I realized I’m pretty lucky to live where I do.  My apartment/officetel sits on top of a Homeplus — one of Korea’s larger superstores like a Walmart in the U.S.  It was about 2:30a and I needed milk tomorrow to make a Latte.  I didn’t want to leave in my underwear tomorrow to get it — so I went down immediately to pick some up.

Something that all of us has experienced at one time or another is having one or two items and them approaching the check out stand at a supermarket and someone with a cart full of like 80 items is pulling up.  Most times, they are closer to the stand than you are…so what do you do?  What does the checker do?  Usually it’s first come, first serve…

Well, today it was sort of different.  The bigger cart didn’t really see me (or at least they did a great job acting like they didn’t) and just started to unload onto the conveyor belt in the checkstand.  Before the guy could put the first item on the belt though, the checker noticed I only had one item and asked them if it was o.k. to let me go first…I acted embarrassed & took up the checker’s offer.  Come on, was I going to just let ’em go?  It would of been a waste of time…

However, back at home, I probably would of had to wait a few more minutes instead of being able to go back immediately home so I can sleep early enough for my early day at work tomorrow.  A bit of supermarket justice has been served today.  ^^

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