Winter’s here & got a new cell phone!

Had to break out the heavy jackets and other winter clothing today.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

Also, dropped downstairs to homeplus to buy my new Samsung SCH-W290 cell phone since those dang Russian spies took my old one from me.  🙂 

Too many features & much nicer — even in a year’s worth of time.  The only thing that’s lacking that I wanted to get in this new phone was a dictionary.  I’ll have to bug someone to help me download one.  However, I couldn’t overlook the $10 (or 10,000 won) price tag on it.  Not sure if I’ll get reamed in fees later, but it doesn’t sound like it & if I do, I have the lady who sold it to me just downstairs to complain to.  My friend who sponsored me actually got a free phone & her phone has even MORE freakin’ features.  Cell phones here are simply too much…

It also feels like it’s lighter than a feather & conveniently slips into my pocket.  Too nice…

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