Too busy to see we’re going to die…

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What’s the worst that can happen? An Inconvenient Truth. Global Warming.

I’ve been lucky enough to see the first video & it’s in the next post since I found it on Youtube. I originally ignored it for a while on my facebook funwall because let’s just say funwall gets to be a little too spam like at times. However, I’m starting to see that some of the forwards on funwall are decent — especially this one. I’m glad I felt like I had a few minutes to look it over because it just pounds in the fact that we should be acting in response to the global environmental problems.

Even if the environmentalists are wrong or even if it’s more cautious than we believe it should be, we still are doing good. Come on, but honestly, why would environmentalists truly complain about things to just waste our time? Are they out to just make life more difficult? Do they think we need pure 100% oxygen and pure water and people being healthy — wait a second, this stuff doesn’t sound too bad. Even for a incredibly right wing conservative business supporting and touting Republican, the possibility of having clean and healthy conditions is a logical thing to fight for, isn’t it?

To me growing up, it just always made sense, but the problem is what did I do? For a bit, I was very big on recycling and then I got cynical when I thought all the recycling I did actually never truly went to reproducing the contents that my materials were used to recycle. Also, I got cynical about life. Fortunately, I’m back in the idealist state of mind and trying my best. However, at times, when our area outside our apartment/officetel building is cluttered with disorganized trash & recycling, I don’t know what to do. When I fail to see also recycling or garbage cans around, I struggle to figure what to do. When I see packaging become so overdone in everything from regular gifts to honestly killing half a tree when sending you home with a whopper meal. I’ve never seen so much tape over a medium coke to make sure it doesn’t spill. I like that it didn’t spill, but did we really need to do that?

The good thing though that I know I’m bettering is that I’m not using a car and haven’t been for the past 15 months. I’m not emitting as much in terms of C02 as I did for the past 20+ years when I was driving a car. While Busan isn’t the cleanest city in the world, I do know I’m not making it more dirty with a car at least. I’ve been tempted multiple times to get a motorcycle, but even that would be a lot less in terms of emissions than a car. So, I’m doing my part.

Are you?

While my title here is a little cynical about us not paying attention to the future & watching and rewatching Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth — and applying the advice. It is relatively true. How many times do you step back and wonder how much you truly are contributing to the world’s degradation? How often are you supporting the groups, the organizations and all the efforts throughout the world which attempt to actually reverse or not excacerbate the world’s environmental problems? I bet not often. I failed to do it. We’re so stuck on trying to find the next dollar so we don’t stress out when we finally retire like 80 years in the future or what our next vacation will be that we don’t spend that extra few minutes making sure the future for all of our children and the many out there have a decent future.

As Al Gore identified and I don’t care what the skeptics say about him having some misleading facts, but the next 50 years are potentially very….NO VERY dangerous! We had two world wars, several other wars and incredible changes in a 50 year span earlier this past century. Int 20-30 years, we’ve managed to revolutionize the world in terms of the technology. We now all talk on these wireless devices in any place in the world. Despite whatever the critics say about Gore’s documentary, you just SIMPLY can NOT ignore the pictures of the glaciers that have literally disappeared in recent years. It’s not over a hundred years, but just a few decades.

How much longer do you plan to live? I hope it’s not 50 years…because you’re screwed or the chances of you dying or being VERY NEGATIVELY affected due to the environmental and weather changes are now HUGE! And your children or your friends’ children? Well, let’s just say, you better be scared and they better be even MORE scared. The horror stories won’t be about ghosts or goblins, but about politicians and weather patterns that literally kills thousands and potentially millions in the near future.

I don’t care if I wrong about what I’ve believed since I was a kid. At least I can say that what I said made everyone act in a way that at least made the world better. I hope you think the same way too because I value you — almost everyone one of you — even if I haven’t met you. I hope to meet you as well or if I do know you, I hope we can spend a few more precious moments on this planet because I like living. It’s fun…it’s enjoyable…it’s good.

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