Bin Hair Salon in Busan — inexpensive & decent cut

Anyone need a hair cut?  A little styling?  In Seomyun, a place called “Bin” Hair Salon across from the McDonalds did me up decent for just 8000 won with a shampoo.  If you need more specific directions, hit me up.  ^^


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4 responses to “Bin Hair Salon in Busan — inexpensive & decent cut

  1. Michael


    can this hair salon do black haircuts, ?

  2. Give ’em a try and see…but I haven’t seen any black customers though when I’ve visited. 😉

  3. keri

    Hi I am a Korean adoptee who is looking to move to Korea to be closer to her birthparents and learn more Korean. I am a hairstylist here in NYC and would love to fins an American salon in Korea to work at. Any help pr suggestions for me.

  4. Well, where are your parents, first of all? I think that will make a difference. Have you also graduated with a 4 year degree? It sort of depends on both of these. I don’t honestly know many American hair salons in Korea, but there are definitely a LOT of salons in Korea. So, you might be able to find work in one of them. At the same time, do you speak Korean?

    There’s an organization for adoptee called G.O.A.L. which might be able to help you more. They can also relate with your thoughts since it’s made up of many Korean adoptees. I could connect you with a few that I know. I helped several of them locally since I was the hiring manager for a company which needed teachers & adoptees did a great job teaching English. However, you do need a 4 year degree.

    Anyhoo, if you could answer a few of the earlier questions, I think I may be able to help.



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