WiBro is NOT available in Busan (at least with KT)


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Went into a KT Plaza where I got my Nespot service a few months back. Nespot costs me about 15,000 won (about $15 US) if I can find a “hot spot” to connect my wireless modem to the Internet. Well, I haven’t been able to find much convenient to work or at home. Plus, I haven’t been able to do much other than work & come home to eat & sleep…so it was a waste spending $15 a month on something I can get at home or at work. However, I wanted to use the subway time more effectively.

Anyway, I thought WiBro, the wireless service where you can get Internet access anywhere including when you’re rocketing up and down Seoul to Busan or vice versa at high speeds. However, when I went into the Busan office of KT (Plaza) near Dongrae, one of the richer areas of the city, they said that only Seoul & Bundang have it available right now in the WHOLE country. Even the tech center of Daejeon doesn’t have it according the gal that I spoke to today. She even said that “there were no plans” defined yet. So, she has no dates to check back on.

I think I saw it on either SK’s website or somewhere else identifying it was available everywhere. Perhaps it’s SK, but every time I go into an SK service center, they don’t know or really don’t care since they’re so inundated with other issues related to their millions of customers who use their cell phone services. I even called the “080” number(s), I believe & may have even posted earlier about it being available, but haven’t been able to find a single soul down here who knows.

Oh well…at least there’s still millions of PC Rooms & I’ve got high speed service at work and here (at home). I just don’t get it on my longer rides to other parts of the country — so I’m without it for like 2-3 hour spans. Jeeezzzz…maybe I need to go to one of the camps that are being set up these days for Internet addicts to help my need to stay connected. Check this out: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/technology/18rehab.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

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