Another record breaking day for views…

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What’s going on here?

Yesterday, the views on my blog skyrocketed again. I had close to 200 views at 191 yesterday. I’m considering getting an additional stat counter to see if it’s unique visitors or just someone coming back over and over. It would be nice also to see if it were the same readers or not. My thoughts are that it’s a lot of search traffic. I’ll be copying and pasting my referrers and the searches that seem to send a bunch of people to my blog.

First thing I wanted to see if the day of the week mattered. Well, the previous record breaking days are as follows:

10/31 – Wednesday
11/09 – Friday
11/13 – Tuesday
11/21 – Wednesday – 191 views

Well, the day doesn’t seem to be the cause outside the correlation or rather the consistency of having it on Wednesday twice in recent evaluations. Please note though it’s more like Tuesday evening or day though because we’re a bit further in hours here in Korea.

Here are the referrers:


Referrer Views 2 2… 2… 1… 1 1

And here are the key word searches that seem to be driving traffic:


Search Views
korean english phonetics native learn 4
korea divorce 2
english for kids+funny way 2
stories for korean kids learn english 2
korea multiculturalism 2
seoul happy ending massage 1
korean real typing 1
new visa rules korea 1
korea cell phone statistics 1
wireless and cellular communications ibt 1
funny words in korean 1
korea new working regulations for teache 1
most misspelled words in business 1
“Prejudice,” “Korea” “Pure Blood” “His 1
“JoongAng Daily” 1
india german visa fake degree 1
detroit worst city in us 1
“evolution of dance” download 1
top ten worst gang cities in america 1
the images of asians in the media 1
free masters 1
Prathap c reddy – personal life 1
top 10 worst crime city 1
kangwon land resort korea review 1
racism korea why 1

The list is getting long.

Well, I try to stay focused on the topic about living and working here in Korea, but my most popular or most clicked on post was the one about the top 10 worst cities for this or that. Maybe I need more of those lists? ^^

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