The lack of a post — oh my gosh, I haven’t posted for 24 hours!!!

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I should post this really nasty exchange between a tool in my company and myself since we copied the legal team (actually, he did) for some really stupid reason.  However, I’ll probably get in trouble despite the great read it would be for all of you.  Sorry I’ve been a little lax with the posting the past 2 days.  I’ve had:

  • A thanksgiving dinner I shot in and out of in literally less than an hour
  • A rushed train ride up here to Seoul
  • Coordinating with 4 different people I have either never seen or haven’t seen in more than a year for meetings at the end of the training day every day this week
  • Training the past 2 days in a bran new program our company is launching throughout the country
  • Supporting 3 people who can handle things on their own, but I always try to assist when I can
  • Still handling my regular duties I handle down in Busan despite having a lack of decent Internet access and the tools/applications to do my work (i.e., Microsoft Word doesn’t work in my hotel room)
  • And handling some crisises that people have decided to all create in the past 72 hours due to their selfishness and lack of maturity

…in the past 24 hours.  My life is just so fun.  I hope it just adds to my ability to handle more stress in the future vs. probably taking away years off my life instead due to the wear and tear on my body & mind. 

Anyway, I’ll still try to post a few times this week.  My bad…sorry for not keeping this up folks.  😉 

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