Talk it up in English loudly and get yourself a free meal!

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Eating tuna sashimi last night, my friend Diana and I were thinking nothing, but our next topic of gossip or update from back home. Out of no where, the drunk guy to our side excuses himself and asks us something like “where are you from” in Korean.  Even though we were speaking 100% English, he took a chance we could speak Korean.  He was lucky — both Di and I have been here for 2 years and 15 months respectively and our skills to maneuver around this country has gotten pretty good…

Well, he goes onto say how it was “destiny” or a “chance opportunity to meet us both” having just eaten right next to us because his firm was looking for a Korean American or what we call “Kyopo” or spelled sometimes “Gyopo.”  The reason is that they had one helping them out teaching them English once a morning for an hour — possibly once a day for a million won a month.  It comes out to about 50,000 won an hour.  In my opinion, that’s a minimum one should ask for for limited amount of time in a corporate setting.  You have to commute there and so it actually reduces down to to less than that per hour.

Nevertheless, he goes on with the fact this guy who was teaching them just up and left one day & didn’t answer his cell phone after he bolted.  I think he went onto say that the phone number wasn’t even working.  Well, if he’s right, this person that helped them was a tool.  I have a somewhat biased opinion of Korean Americans in Korea under 27 or 28…they are mostly here to go out nightly and for the fun for the most part.  I’ve met very few mature enough to handle more than just a daily job or able to take on a decent amount of responsibility minus one of my manager coworkers.  He’s actually an anomoly in how mature he is.  However, most want to party more than anything.  So, it didn’t surprise me that some Korean American/Canadian would do that at the age of 26 or so.  It sounds like I’m some “old fogie” who says “When I was young…” but it’s so true despite the potential stereotypes it may create.  It’s not evil, but relatively true.

Anyway it was great catching up with Di and we got a free meal out of it since he said while walking out that he felt so great about meeting us that he would pay for our 70,000 won meal I was planning on getting for Di since she was so gracious in getting us last time.  Well, I’ll follow up with the guy later to see if I can point him out to some good resources.  While a little obnoxious, he was incredibly friendly & didn’t hassle us all night.  However, it was definitely funny someone could just pick up on our English, start networking with us & drop the close to hundred bucks for our raw (and mostly frozen) tuna dinner.   Actually, the 2nd serving of tuna was incredibly tender — I guess they start with the less than appealing stuff first.  😉

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