Advice to English Teachers in Korea regarding the new Immigration Changes

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So, I sent my 50+ teachers today the following as advice for them if they were considering renewing for a 2nd year or so. However, this serves as I guess decent advice for people considering coming in for the first time and also people who are wanting to renew:

“Well, the Korean government in response to a couple felonies this year decided to do something they probably should of done a long time ago. However, since we’re used to the current standards, the new way of doing things may be somewhat painful or at least a bit of a hassle. Regardless, we wanted to get into your hands the information about how to deal with it, if needed.
So, the new rules WILL apply to both teachers who are already teaching here in the Country and also new teachers. I’m going to not go into too much detail about how to get a visa for those who will be NEW to the country, but in general, it’s basically the same process, plus

*doing an interview at the consulate nearest to you back home
*along with signing a medical affidavit that says you don’t have any significant healthy problems or diseases
*submit a Certificate of No Criminal Record which is either approved by the consulate in your country (Canada for example) or if you’re a country under the Apostille Treaty
*you can have your local Secretary of State or registered governmental body provide the Apostille to verify your Certificate of No Criminal record.

SO, FOR ALL YOU OUT THERE who’s contracts will be complete and if you’re considering working for us for another quarter OR working somewhere else for more time, you need to do this:

E-2 Visa Holders – Renewals (people coming up toward the end of their contract)
*You need to get a certificate of no criminal record in your home country. For Canadians, you will probably want to contact both your local RCMP or read the following website for detailed instructions ( and ask them to have a copy of your certificate sent to the Korean embassy closest to them. You will probably need to give a heads up to the consulate that a certificate will be sent to them & that the certificate needs to be notarized by them and then sent to you here in Korea. If you go back home, you can do this in person, but you probably want to check with the website or the RCMP to ask how long it will take. Also, you could send them finger prints from a local authority here in Korea like the police that does a flat and roll fingerprint that you can send back to them. If we find a local authority that is easy to work with, we’ll let you know. The fees for this are about $25 or so.

There is one website we found that seems to do the whole thing for U.S. Citizens.

Also, the US Embassy has posted some information about it here:

For citizens of other countries, we don’t know yet.

*You will also have to do a medical health checkup test which can cost up to $50 or so. Once we find some places locally that can do this for you, we’ll let you know.

*The rest is the same, but these need to happen now in addition to the paperwork and any other fees which should be minimal.

F-4 Visa Holders – Renewals

*At this point, there are no changes, BUT they plan on probably changing the regulations for this visa as well.

So, when you get within 3 months of your contract completing and you are considering renewing or working at another Institute, please feel free to contact us with any other questions at

ALSO, if you do go through this, please do feel free to document the process so we can share he learnings with any others.

Here are also some links to message boards and stories about this

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