Lee Myung-bak may be the right guy for the President of Korea

Answering critics, Lee will donate most of his assets

Rivals call front-runner’s pledge ‘a shallow attempt to buy votes’

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If this guy meets his promise though, I don’t care what the rivals think…the action should be enough. The other thing that stands out for me is that he did this AFTER the BBK scandal was cleared. If it was before, I would be more skeptical.

Originally published here: http://joongangdaily.joins.com/article/view.asp?aid=2883674

Battered by critics who accuse him of being corrupt, Lee Myung-bak vowed yesterday to donate nearly everything he owns to charity, the Grand National Party said in a press release.

“A house for me and my wife to live in is more than enough. Other than that, I will donate the rest. I want it to be used for the needy people,” Lee said, according to a draft of his speech released last night before its scheduled airing on KBS television.

Lee, who led Hyundai Engineering and Construction during its heyday and was mayor of Seoul from 2002 to 2006, has declared that he owns 35.38 billion won ($38.5 million) in assets, according to the National Election Commission.

As required by law, Lee listed the details of his assets when he officially registered as a presidential candidate on Nov. 26. The list includes a building in Seocho-dong worth 12 billion won, land worth 9 billion won in the neighborhood and another building worth 6.8 billion won in Yangjae-dong. Lee also owns a house in Nonhyeon-dong worth more than 4 billion won.
Lee vowed to keep his promise even if he loses the election.

Holding a huge lead in the polls, Lee has been attacked by political rivals for being corrupt. He has admitted falsifying his address and falsely claiming to have employed his children in one of his businesses.

Prosecutors on Wednesday cleared Lee of any involvement in a massive investment fraud allegedly committed by his one-time business partner.

“After finishing my long career as a businessman and becoming a public servant a decade ago, I decided not to give my wealth to my children as an inheritance,” Lee said in his speech. “That position has not changed.”

Lee said he will consult with others about where to donate the money. Grand National spokeswoman Na Kyung-won said the decision will be made after the presidential election, adding that Lee made his choice a long time ago. He will donate about 90 percent of what he owns, Na said.

Lee’s political rivals sneered at the announcement, questioning his real motive. “I wonder why Lee has decided to donate his money on the eve of the presidential election,” said Kim Hyun-mi, spokeswoman for United New Democratic Party presidential candidate Chung Dong-young. “Lee’s proposal is a shallow attempt to buy votes.”

Lee Hye-yeon, a spokeswoman for Lee Hoi-chang, said the move by the front-runner “is a last resort to soothe people who were disappointed and angered by his lack of ethics and corruption. It is nothing more than another Lee Myung-bak attempt to conduct a final backdoor deal with the nation.”

She also urged Lee Myung-bak to make public the accurate amount of his assets, claiming that he must have more hidden wealth.

One of Lee Hoi-chang’s aides, however, worried that the promise will affect the race. “The people generally hate Lee Myung-bak because they think he is trying to have both power and money at the same time,” the source said, on condition of anonymity. “But now he has decided to give up the money. It will influence the undecided voters.”

By Ser Myo-ja Staff Reporter/ Ko Jung-ae JoongAng Ilbo [myoja@joongang.co.kr]

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One response to “Lee Myung-bak may be the right guy for the President of Korea

  1. Dear Myung Back Lee for president.


    In my opinion, the Korean people must vote first whoever their candidate is. If Mr. Myung Bak Lee is elected, he should be investigated and follow the results it he was wrong. we must have a good and clean government. These candidates should be also checked if any of them has questionable records.

    I would like to point out important aspects of my national defense policy.

    Needless to say our country is still separated North and South.

    We all pray that unified happy days’ one Korea would come to us sooner.

    Meantime, I wish you to know that our country owes very much to other United Nations members during the Korea War who came to save our lives and our South Korea.

    Now we are prosperous because of our hard work and the early days’ friendly economic aids from United States and other countries. We never foreget their humanitarian aids given to us when we were in the communist mascara and in agony. We thank you for the people of the friendly nations that helped us. Seventeen nations come to help us. Especially the United States sent largest army among them suffered largest number of casualties. We thank American people sanctified for us so much.

    I believe time has come for us to help other people in hardship of war and disasters.

    Now I have a dream to reflect our historic national experiences as a form of the national morality to international community as a civilized nation.

    Now we become an economically strong among the advanced nations. We have to try to pay back our debts of love and peace to other nations.

    One way to do is to send our people to help other people in disaster of other lands. This mission is humanitarian mission to help the needy people because they helped us when we suffered during the cruel Korean War.

    Our Korean army fought bravely against the enemies. We thank them.

    In a way, the Korean military force could act as humanitarian army for peace and love for international relief tasks.

    Now Koreans become respectable as we can pay back our debts to other people. So that we could maintain the national prosperity and international peace. To do these we need a strong and humanitarian army for us all.

    We need a strong national army to accomplish our people’s goal.

    Thank you again for those who helped us during the war and peace. Merry Christmas Happy a new year.

    We thank you them

    UN member nations

    Sincerely yours,

    Chae S. Sone

    2 Woodbury Court

    Hicksville, NY 11801

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