Drum roll please….

I don’t get to do much outside of work these days besides write into this thing. I have a couple books that are on hold until I can gather the steam to start writing them again, I have many projects I want to start including WhenILeave.com which has been “in the process of being built” for numerous years. Nevertheless, this blog is entertaining to just play with at least the numbers.

So, as I’ve written already a couple of times, but it seems every week, I am able to beat the previous record of views at least one of the days of the week. This last week, oddly enough, it occurred on the Thurs/Fri part of the week which is not so normal. The record now stands at like 218 views. Each week, I also break a record of total views per week which now stands at 1120 views this past week, but most likely within 7+ hours, I’ll have 3 more views which will break that. Actually, it didn’t look too likely on Friday since I only had Saturday and Sunday, my two weakest days to make up like 250+ views, but somehow I was able to eke out those views with also a strong ending to Friday which looks like it will help me continue to climb the weekly charts as well.

Anyway, I don’t know if I should thank the search engines or my frequency of posts or my kids or what. Regardless, I just have to say this has been quite fun this past year creating something that supposedly is interesting enough for others to enjoy as well.

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