Sitting in a bit of C02…

On a bus ride from Changwon city to Busan just a few minutes ago, I had this strange feeling I was just sucking in a bunch of Carbon Dioxide sitting in the back of this long inter-city bus.  When I first sat down in the back, I was wondering if it was just me or was it a leak at the back of the bus?  However, I didn’t know what to do if I was wrong.  So, I just sat there wondering if this was really a bad leak, was I just sitting in a death chamber in the back along with several other passengers?  Most of them probably have smelled it before and so it probably wasn’t a big deal, but I was sitting thinking, what the heck?

Today wasn’t a good day for the lungs.  I was also hanging out on the balcony with my coworker who’s a Director for one of our branches.  He’s an incredible guy.  However, he smokes & so he needed to take a break & I didn’t have much time to talk with him so I sat there just breathing in his second hand smoke. 

At times, I think about how much of a beating I’m taking to my health.  There’s a lot of incredible stuff here and my life is pretty dang good.  I just wish we could make the air a bit cleaner, improve the CO2 emissions a bit better in the transportation and honestly make it healthier here in many ways. 

Ironically, Koreans really take pride in being healthy.  You see many of them in hiking gear and you also see many of them in outdoor fitness parks (that are spread all over the country — basically like gyms outside in little parks where people can use the equipment free of charge).  People take health very seriously here & so it’s interesting, but I guess just a natural part of progressing through the industrialization or growth of a company….I mean country.  😉

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