More stuff on the new rules/changes in the E-2 Korean Immigration Laws

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Basically, I’m going to post everything and anything I find on the topic since there’s not a lot of clarity on the issue. It’s going to be in our own hands to research the details for now.

This comes from a thread in via

I recieved an email from my school detailing the new rules to follow for E2 visas. Please note the final sentence which suggests further changes tomorrow. That means I should get another email late on Wednesday or sometime Thursday with details. Keep checking back for updates.

How are you all?
This is a translation of the newly introduced visa regulation. On Wednesday, 12 December, Immigration is issuing a clarification and I will send out another translation on Wednesday or later when we receive it. While I know this is frustrating, please be patient while we gather the information.

These are the necessary documents for contract renewal and new contract:

Renewal (only for E-2)

1. Criminal Records
2. Documentation of Physical Check-up for employment, issued by hospitals in Korea
3. Employment contract
4. School or institution foundation-related document (School owner registration certificate)
5. Reference to vouch for teacher’s good character
6. Passport
7. Certificate of Alien registration
8. W30,000 for visa extension

Numbers 1 and 2 are the new requirements. Numbers 3 through 8 are provided by the PEEC.

For New contract

1. Document to prove academic degrees학위관련 검증서류
* It is sufficient to submit one of the following:
– Original degree (it will be returned after checking a copy of it with signature)
– Copy of academic degree (with confirmation of a consul from one’s own embassy or consulate at Korea or with academic career proof related document issued by Korean Association of College Education)
– Degree certificate issued by each university (with confirmation by Apostille [Convention
Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Document], or with academic career proof related document issued by Korean Association of College Education)
-Graduation Certificate containing the fact of obtaining degrees. (with confirmation by Apostille, or with academic career proof related document issued by Korean Association of College Education)

2. Criminal Record
3. Self-confirmation of conversation teaching lecturer’s own health (just fill the form of attached file and submit it to an employing school)
– One has to submit a documentation of Physical Check-up for employment within 3 months after alien registration.
4. Employment contract
5. School or institution foundation-related document (School owner registration certificate)
6. Reference to vouch for good character
7. Sealed transcripts issued by a university which one graduated from (as same as the previous procedures)

* Important things when submitting Criminal Record
– Criminal records should be issued by a lecturer’s federal government, local government, by their ambassador, or the general consul from their own country (e.g. the American Embassy at Korea, for Americans)

– The criminal record should be submitted with Apostille confirmation by one’s own government. (The Apostille is a validation stamp ensuring that a certain document is recognized in certain foreign countries (countries that signed The Hague Convention treaty). Basically, a document is only valid in the country in which it was issued. Validation for recognition in another country used to be a very complicated and time-consuming matter and involved, in hierarchical order, several authorities of the issuing country, and, as a final step, validation by the Consulate of the country, in which the document was to be recognized.)

-As for citizens whose country does not join the convention of Apostille, such as Canada, China, and etc., one should submit a criminal record issued by the ambassador of their country or a criminal record endorsed by a consul of their country.

If it takes too much time to get a criminal record from a teacher’s country, the teacher is allowed to submit (the criminal record check application) a temporarily (or provisionally) issued receipt paper with the visa-application/renewal document and bring in the authentic criminal record when it is issued (within 3 months from the date of requesting an issue of an acknowledgement form of visa production)

-This (the criminal record check application) temporarily issued receipt paper is allowed only for contract renewal. New employment contracts need to submit the (actual criminal record check with Apostille) authentic document.

I have heard that there have been a lot of complaints to the Korean government offices about this newly introduced regulation, and they are considering amending some of these procedures. These will be specified after Dec. 12 (Wed).


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3 responses to “More stuff on the new rules/changes in the E-2 Korean Immigration Laws

  1. Mrs Myers

    Is this new rule only for E2 visa holders?
    What if you have an E1 visa?

  2. It’s a good question, but to be honest, I don’t know. Most of the recent news and hoopla has surrounded the affairs of E2 visa holders. I would suggest contacting your local immigration office ASAP to find out the details. However, the Immigration website at or I believe only identify the changes for the E2 visa holders.

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