Great News for Current English Instructors in Korea from Immigration regarding E-2 Visas

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Just talked to the Immigration office today and they have extended out the changes for current English Teachers for renewing their visas WITHOUT a criminal background check. If you have a visa that expires before April or May of 2008, you can apply up through March 15th, 2008 for a visa renewal for one year withOUT the hassle of doing the criminal background check.

However, for all teachers who are coming to Korea for the first time though, you do have to go through the rigors of applying for your new E-2 Visa WITH a criminal background check & also a Medical Affidavit of Health & get your medical history/health status confirmed when you come into Korea.

**Please note, I did not confirm though if the E-2 Visa holders currently get to avoid doing the Medical Health affidavit or the actual Physical Checkup. It may still be a part of the renewal process.


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3 responses to “Great News for Current English Instructors in Korea from Immigration regarding E-2 Visas

  1. Anthony

    Which immigration department did you talk with ?
    How reliable is your information ?

  2. The Busan Immigration Dept. Well, everything he’s told me so far has been correct. Why don’t you call the immigration dept closest to you and find out to verify, but I trust him. If your local office doesn’t have anyone to speak in English, you can try the one in Seoul.

  3. Rob

    It’s all security theater anyway.

    One of the first rules that should be followed for these kind of things is NEVER let them pass through the hands of the subject. If Korea was really concerned about criminal checks on immigrants they’d check them themselves. I have dealt with these things fairly often as some of my US students end up working for defense industries — a man from the FBI or DoD comes by and interviews me about the student.

    Ditto for things like diplomas — do they seriously believe I couldn’t get a totally fake diploma that looks genuine? If you actually want to know about my degrees ask for an official transcript sent from the university, not from me. (there’s a reason why a transcript I have sent to myself says “Issued to student”). Health (drug) tests are a little trickier to set up.

    I’m glad I’m not an English teacher.

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