An experiment here…plus the top 10 Facebook applications

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Facebook is getting too popular for it’s own britches…

I get this funwall message from a friend of mine (the previous post about getting booted from Facebook if you don’t forward the message) and I post it here telling people that it’s stupid & people should realize it’s a hoax. I come home an hour later to find my views skyrocket to like 170 more than they were an hour ago. It’s because people are searching to see what this stupid hoax is or rather to verify if it’s true or not on Facebook. Well, it’s obvious to me, but most people are still searching…

Well, Facebook apps are starting to become very popular. So, I’m going to copy over the messages on the apps here and see what happens. If I start to get hits from that, I’m really going to start thinking to myself … what the heck?

For example, there’s one new social network which pays you for traffic or using it. So, I noticed it in a message here:

Well, the following message was posted:

YOU like MYSPACE and FACEBOOK?? Well why not get paid for your social networking online, It offers just as much as facebook and myspace and you get paid for your hits, views,blogs, and just browsing. SIGN UP today

…except the url was someone else who got the credit for me to sign up. Well, I decided to sign up & let’s see what happens now. How many of you are going to sign up with this referral? I’ll let you know if a bunch of you sign up off this url.

Here’s more spam that was posted on the Top Friends application:

Want Free money? Heres how:

1. Go to and make an account, No credit card required

2. Go to and make an account

3. Click thousands of ads and get 4-25 cent a peice till you get 50$

4. Withdraw to your paypal account and use money anywhere online

The difference is that I pulled off the referrer’s name so they don’t make money if you do sign up. I didn’t want to sign up either because it’s not really not my wish to make lots of money off of all of you. The one above is only an experiment, but this one you can tell is PURE 100% spam. So, no need to drive you up the wall, but it does look like the “Top Friends” application located here:

is one of the more used apps with more than 2.2 million users. The funwall was at 4.6 million users. Ahhhh…looks like they have tabs for the most used applications.

So, the top applications with the most users are the following by rank:

  1. FunWall as just identified with 4.6 million users & that’s one word without a space between “Fun” & “Wall”
  2. Super Wall (two words interestingly enough) comes in at 2nd with 2.6 million users
  3. The Top Friends app is 3rd with 2.2 mill as written in the aforementioned
  4. Flixter (Movies) – 1.5 mill
  5. Bumper Sticker – 895 thousand plus users
  6. SuperPoke! with an exclamation point comes in right after Bumper Sticker with 880 thousand plus users
  7. Are YOU Interested? with a question mark has 753 thousand+ users
  8. Compare People has 716 thousand+ users
  9. Scrabulous comes in at 9th with just 547 thousand+ users
  10. Quizzes rounds off the top 10 with 538 thousand+ users

So, on the Quizzes app, a comment that I can’t figure out:

The most hilarious error message from this app: This is what happens when you drink Life Water: [SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away]

Somebody puts this message on Flixter:

i love the movie app!


FREE Victoria’s Secret Breast Cancer Apparel at <—- Get for X~Mas Gifts!

Make sure you put me as your referrer!


Well, “me” is definitely not me. It’s some gal named Alexa in a bathing suit. She won’t let me click on her pic! 😉

The message about some social network shows up again and again:

YOU like MYSPACE and FACEBOOK?? Well why not get paid for your social networking online, It offers just as much as facebook and myspace and you get paid for your hits, views,blogs, and just browsing. SIGN UP today


…except I switched it out to my name. Ha, ha…

I like the group they created due to Bumper Stickers:

If youre sick of Bumper Stickers…JOIN THIS GROUP

There’s a bunch of these groups of “If you’re sick of XYZ, JOIN THIS GROUP”… If you’re sick of anything, joint this group. I should create this group just for the hell of it.

SNAP Interactive seems to be responsible for many of these apps. Here’s a little on them:

SNAP Interactive, a publicly traded company (Ticker: STVI), owns and operates a free online dating site called which offers unique features for singles including Double Dating & Date Now!

Looks like there are 11,236 apps in total as of today December 18, 2007.


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2 responses to “An experiment here…plus the top 10 Facebook applications

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