The blog equity just continues to rise with this facebook hoax

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How long is this going to last?

I thought yesterday was the meat of the traffic I was going to get from this hoax on Facebook which I obviously thought and knew was a hoax from the second I saw it. However, yesterday’s numbers of 580 views are getting eclippsed already almost by double the amount! I’m up to 1087 views with about a little less than 1/2 of a day left on the WordPress clock which measures views from one day to the next. Here’s a look at what’s driving all the traffic in terms of search — BECAUSE it’s search traffic that’s getting me all these views…definitely not referrers. I’ll post the referrers below the search phrases that click through to my blog and you’ll see how the search traffic trounces on the refferer traffic.

By the way, all you search engine marketing novices (not looking down at you, but just pointing out some things to help you understand), the “referrers” mean websites which people click a link directly to mine and the “search engine traffic” are the phrases that people type into Google or Yahoo or MSN looking for certain things like you’ll see in the list of search phrases. After people search for them, the higher numbers usually indicate that I’m placed pretty high on Google or the main search engines because you usually don’t get that many click throughs with high numbers like the ones below.

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-12-19


Search Views
facebook overpopulated 97
Facebook is recently becoming very overp 80
facebook hoax 24
attention all facebook members 13
Attention all Facebook membeRs. Facebook 12
“Attention all Facebook membeRs.” 10
Attention all Facebook membeRs. hoax 7
facebook hoaxes 7
facebook is overpopulated 5
new e2 visa and the election in korea 5
Facebook is recently becoming very overp 4
overpopulated facebook 3
“attention all facebook members” 3
hoax, Attention all Facebook membeRs. 3
Thank you translate in Korea 3
expat guide to korea seoul 3
funwall hoax 2
travelling with criminal record from can 2
new e2 korea 2
facebook is recently becoming very overp 2
multicultural korea 2
learning English for travelling 2
acebook is recently becoming very overpo 2
Attention all Facebook membeRs message f 2
e2 visas korea criminal background check 2

Referrers for 7 days ending 2007-12-19


Referrer Views 2 1… 1 1 1… 1… 1… 1 Resul… 1… 1

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One response to “The blog equity just continues to rise with this facebook hoax

  1. I had the same reaction on my blog. Its interesting to see how much time a “hoax” can actually take up.

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