What a little hoax on facebook can do for a blog…

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Last night I get this message from a friend of mine on Facebook and it’s obviously a hoax. It has typos, it is signed off by Mark Zuckerberg (which would much more professional) and the idea of it is simply stupid — the notion that we would be booted off Facebook for not actively using the site in 2 weeks. I decide to post it here & tell my feelings about it — which are still true 16 hours later: it was a STUPID (and I capitalize each letter for a big reason) hoax! There is so much time wasted including mine since spending the hour or so now that I’ve spent on it based on something some person decided to get MANY people to waste their time on.

Well, it was entirely a waste…I guess. I recently broke through 200+ views a day and just the day before, I broke the record again by shooting to 249 views. After posting this message about how stupid the post was, I noticed a weak day of only about 70 views start to shoot over 200 less than an hour after I posted it to my blog. It continued to climb and climb and climb. By the end of the day, I CRUSHED previous records and ended up getting 580 views by the end of the day.

I also landed on the Top Posts of WordPress at #37.


37. These are the most stupid hoaxes…

Attention all Facebook membeRs. […]

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Despite the temporary (and continuous residual effect of the post — up past 200+ already and it hasn’t been more than 6 hours since the start of the day after the big 580 views day, I still believe it was a HUGE waste of time. If several hundred people or maybe as many as thousands searched on phrases like the following because of the stupid hoax, the creator of the message should be labeled a waste of our precious oxygen in this world. This person should be banished from posting again on Facebook:


Search Views
Facebook is recently becoming very overp 55
“Attention all Facebook membeRs” 12
“Attention all Facebook membeRs.” 8
facebook hoax overpopulated 7
hoax facebook overpopulated 5
facebook is recently becoming very overp 4
Facebook overpopulated hoax 4
“attention all facebook members” 3
facebook funwall hoax 3
new e2 korea laws 3
“Facebook is recently becoming very over 3
New visa regulations for English teacher 2
korea esl visa news 2
new korean visa rules 2
facebook is overpopulated hoax 2
facebook hoaxes 2
korean american jobs 2
korea esl teachers new rules 2
new changes on e-2 teaching visa holders 2
visa changes to work in korea 2
post-office in seoul 2
korea visa changes 2

It seriously was a HUGE waste of time…


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7 responses to “What a little hoax on facebook can do for a blog…

  1. Hehe, I searched for the hoax and got your page, I was just trying to find some website that I could send to my stupid friends who keep sending me hoaxes on Facebook. But I’ll spare you for the visits.

  2. Don’t mind the visits, but just don’t send me their hoax forwards. 😉


  3. I also did a search on the “facebook is overpopulated hoax” and came across your blog. Why don’t our friends wisen up to these hoaxes??
    It’s beyond me!!
    Anyways nice blog, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Thanks Kylie.

    Good question about wising up on these hoaxes…the sad thing is that there will be more. I guess, the one good thing about it is that I at least feel better that maybe I do have some intelligence compared to the 6+ billion others who populate this world. Maybe this means job security? 😉

  5. TheLioness22

    Hey! I, too, came across your blog when doing a search on this stupid hoax! I usually send my friends links to PROOF that these things are not real, and Snopes is my general go-to place, but they didn’t have anything on this yet. Figured I’d look around. Anyway, glad to see I’m not the only one who can spot a hoax at a glance.

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