Profound thought of the day: Computers should be used for more creative purposes

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Imagine 3 objects on a worksheet in front of you where you had to pick the one item that did NOT fit.  One picture was one of a paint brush, another a computer and the last item was a TV.  Which one would you choose?  Most people would choose the paint brush. 

We typically associate the TV and the Computer as similar devices because they are both: electronic, appliances (or the computer seems to be a device), and monitors (in which we receive information).  However, if you think about it from a creativity perspective, we could actually say the TV is the odd item out…it is the object within the three to choose from that we should actually say is different. 

The paint brush and computer actually have the ability to create something.  We can create wonderful programs with the computer and we can produce amazing pieces of art with the paint brush. 

As the world grows to use websites like for viewing and other websites to sit back and enjoy entertainment on their computers, we should also consider encouraging children and adults alike in using the computer to create.  There are so many wonderful goods or ideas that we can invent or hatch with the computer. 

**I heard this lesson from an podcast from iTunes U.  I’ll try to credit the right person as soon as I find his name. 

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