Coconut water? A drink for the brain?

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Well, I’ve been listening to lectures from iTunes U. recently on my iPod. I was listening to a talk this past weekend by the founder of Zico which is a brand of Coconut water and thinking to myself “Coconut water? What the heck?” I remember seeing scenes in some movies where people were on an island desperate to drink something and cracking open coconuts. At the time, I thought it was simply the milk from the coconuts they were trying their best to suck from the coconuts. However, I do remember the liquid was very transparent and after listening to the lecture, I realized that it is water with:

“five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar added, and no cholesterol.”

After listening to the talk by the guy, I was sold and wanted to find some way to distribute the product. Being in Korea, I was thinking I had no competition and could be the sole distributor. However, I have no pure distribution experience. Where are the funds I’ll get to launch this? Plus, he was saying he was being very selective. So, there dropped the opportunity, I thought.

However, one piece of advice he gave which gave me a bit of hope is that you should never chase everything that comes to you. He mentioned that he would make a plan at the beginning of the year and you should stick to it. He actually said write up a “year in review” report before the year even starts. As he was approached by people who detracted from his plan for one year, he said he frustrated the people and stuck with his plan.

His thoughts echoed in my head because I feel like I get easily distracted and definitely pursue too many endeavors. It’s probably one of my bigger faults is that I care about too much. However, I think I need to stick to a plan or become a bit more focused and not be let down if I don’t achieve 10 things over the year and rather be satisfied with doing 3 things very well over the year.

So, this year, I’m planning on getting at least one book written. I want to get a bit more organized and exercise regularly. And very importantly spend more time with my family this year. With these words, I wish you a more focused New Year’s in 2008!

**End notes: If you are interested in the drink, visit — sounds like the guy is sort of struggling with his business. Well, when I searched for “coconut water”, another competitor came up before his company: O.N.E.  So, his point about competitors popping up very quickly definitely was proven true.


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7 responses to “Coconut water? A drink for the brain?

  1. To increase the nutritional value of coconut water, you can make it into kefir. It is lower in sugar and will help improve digestion. For more info, take a look at this article:

    I haven’t tried making this yet, but I plan to in 2008.

  2. Lee

    Coconut water is a popular drink in Australia, very cheap and popularized by the Vietnamese community. You can buy it fresh out of young coconuts at asian grocery stores.

    I’m pretty sure they’re imported.

    • cp

      where can you buy it fresh out of a coconut at asian stores?? I’ve never seen it and I have looked for cocounts at heaps of asian grocery stores in Sydney and they have is canned rubbish with sugar and water added.

  3. batess31

    Zico is the best coconut water I have ever tasted other than fresh coconuts from the islands. I’ve tried Vitacoco, ONE, Harvest Bay, and Amy & Brians and Zico still is the best. I am hoping Zico stays around for a long time because they are the only company that I know of that grows pesticide free and doesn’t add sugars or other juices to its flavored line. Long, live Zico!

  4. Brandon,
    I am happy to hear my husband’s advice served you well. I just wanted to let you know that ZICO is in fact THRIVING I am thankful to say. We are up 300% this year overall and almost 400% up in NYC.

    And I can agree with your previous commentator that ZICO is the best coconut water on the market! It is Nature’s Sports Drink and many athletes have converted to ZICO from artificial sports drinks noting that it refreshes and revitalizes them to help them perform their best.

    Thanks for putting ZICO as one of your topics.
    All the best to you,

  5. Julie

    Where can i get Zico coconut water from in Australia, Melbourne to be precise?

  6. Devon Hoch

    Coconut water is great because not only it provides you with a tasty juice, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. ‘:::`

    With appreciation“>

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