Oops she did it again

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Two sites that I check out regularly are http://news.google.com and http://news.yahoo.com to keep up with the news on top of my daily reading of my day old Int’l Herald Tribune and periodic checks of the New York Times Online.  While I detest the obviously overdone and extremely overweighted focus on the Entertainment industry, I just can’t help but look at and even read articles like this:

Police: Intoxicated Spears hands over children 

Alright, but this girl needs to truly figure out one thing or another or she is the best example in recent memory that shows we shouldn’t throw children into the entertainment industry at such a young age without educating them other principles or ethics while growing up.  Come on, but her sister just got pregnant at 16 which really puts the fear of God into me as far as how well she’s going to raise her own future child. 

Note to Britney: just give up the kids, grow up and even though you’re giving them to Kevin Federline — a noted idiot himself or rather one that seems to be as well (let me take that back, I don’t know him that well…), you should get off the bottle if you’re truly trying to get custody of your children.  More importantly, don’t even “act” for the cameras, but just stop drinking!  You’re a mom for God’s sake!  You have loads of money!  You should be putting your kids in the care of others — professionals, caretakers, etc.  Don’t put them in the hands of your mom because we know your kids’ grandmother didn’t understand how to raise you.  Damn, it’s sad when you can’t even stay out of the media for the ridiculous things you’ve done thus far…

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