Giving or Taking Directions in South Korea

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Giving Directions in Korea:

To get to the Homeplus, you need to take the subway to Oncheongjahng station, jump out of exit number 7, take the crosswalk across the main road and you’ll see it right there. 

Giving Directions from an American perspective:

Take Busan Blvd up to 81st street.  At the intersection of 81st and Busan Blvd, you’ll see Homeplus on the left hand side. 

We’re dependent on cars in the states and in Korea, the subway is dominant and so are landmarks.  I’ve never understood the lack of use of streets and the names of them.  It’s always landmarks and subway stops.  Of course, I’m using the subway so it’s more easy for me to refer to and yes, Koreans may be using other directions when they are driving….BUT, I believe they still use landmarks.  It’s an interesting phenomena I’ve just gotten used to and if you come here, you will too. 


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2 responses to “Giving or Taking Directions in South Korea

  1. Brian Dean

    Not only that, but the way English handles relative placement in directions is different. For example, “across” is a much more common expression in English than in Korean. So in English we are more likely to say, “It’s across the street from Pizza Hut”.

    Just ask one of your Korean friends to translate “It’s across the hall from the library.” If their English is only average for a Korean, you will have to explain what that means. Then after explaining it you will find that the Korean translation is not a literal translation.

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