Thought I found a gold mine…

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…but the entrance fee’s a bit expensive.

Noticed on my friend’s boyfriend’s site (the top dawg of this website WordPress) that he talked about picking up the domain name He was perplexed why the domain name was not secured. Regardless, he bought it…

So, I looked for a domain registrar that could possibly register the same type of domain names with the extension .tt (which stands for Trinidad and Tobago, by the way) and found this site: – which appears to be a state/country sponsored website.

No fees were apparent which should of tipped me off right off the bat or should I say right off the … anyhoo, I looked up all these domain names and found many of them available: (yes, I know this could be construed as nasty, but [as I was saying…])

I would of probably continued the list of ones I thought could be worth something due to energy needs increasing like:

…until I clicked on the “fees” link at the top. Here’s what they said (for people who don’t have a local Trinidad & Tobago address):

3rd level domain (e.g.,
Registration fee $100US (includes maintenance for first 3 years)
Maintenance fees $100US every 3 years (from 4th year after registration)

Not bad, eh? Well, that’s if you want the name then…

Well, if you want any of the ones above, guess what?

2nd level domain (e.g.
Registration fee $1000US (includes maintenance for first 2 years)
Maintenance fees $1000US every 5 years (from 3rd year after registration)

Yes, a THOUSAND SMACKEROOS! Well, this bad boy won’t be dumping any money into these any time soon. Not that I don’t think they will be unvaluable over the long run, but because I don’t have the thousands of dollars to invest in several of these to see if they will pay off. Perhaps Kevin Ham or another Domainer does…Kevin — any chance you could lend a fellow Kyopo some money?

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