Burning out…

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I’m going into potentially my 18th month of working 6 days a week. Close to two years ago, I was working 7 days a week for the most part.

Prior to the (close to) 18th month stretch of working 6 out of 7 days, I was working literally an incredibly crazy schedule for close to 3 months. I should of passed out on a daily basis. I would wake up around 5:30a or just a little after to talk to a young girl who was tutored by me over the phone for a daily conversation in English for 15 minutes daily. Afterwards, I talked to another 10-11 other folks who wanted to also practice their English over the phone. I tried to squeeze a second job in the middle of the day and then went to my full time job in the swing shift hours from about 3:00p to 11:00p daily. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2a or so normally because I would be hungry after working my full time job and I would eat a decent sized meal afterwards. It bloated my digestive system and I just couldn’t fall asleep.

After more than two months of this, I finally quit the morning shift to get back to normality or what we call a regular work week. Several times from then and now, I also worked what we call “Intensives” for our company which we do something similar, but not as early in the morning. Fortunately, we get to wake up by 8:30 or so a to get to work by 9:00a. It’s still brutal working both the morning hours (a 3 hour block) and then working another full time shift from about 3:00p to 11p.

A couple months ago, I asked to finally get these Saturdays off. However, I was blocked by another Director in my company who was promoted to COO a few months ago. While she is COO, I’ve never agreed to be “directly managed” by her, nor have her decide my fate of my work hours. The ironic thing is that she takes basically every weekend off that I don’t. When I teach at the branch she manages and fail to see her every Saturday, I get a bit more frustrated each week.

I realized how much I work today when I felt actually good because I felt like today’s one day off was such a LONG time. I used to remember that two days never seemed enough, but today’s day off felt like an eternity today for some odd reason. When I thought that relative thought, I wondered to myself how it would feel to have actually two days off straight.

Let’s see if I burn out … or just not want to do this any more.

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