Stupid comments: REAL vs. FAKE comments

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Beyond work, about 3-5 websites occupy my time when I’m not spending it with my boys or friends. This blog, work websites and a few others I’ve neglected recently like (because I changed computers & I need some .NET application to run an automated script I bought from a developer), and I also created a few wikipedia like websites:, and To be frank, I think I’ve bought like 50+ domains and tried at one point to run about 10+ websites and these wikipedia like websites for a while actively — let’s just say I was very active and TIRED last fall.

For most of the websites, I use WordPress as my engine (in some peoples’ minds, the “template” like tool) to run the websites. One of the best features about the site and many other much simpler applications common folks can use these days for websites is the ability to comment after we post (like you see below –if no one has commented, it says “No Comment”). The problem is due to search engine algorithms, websites need to carry out search engine techniques in order to move up the search engine paths, many website owners and online marketers place comments on multiple websites to supposedly create links on other websites to increase traffic and search engine marketability.

One method is using automated tools or inexpensive labor from developing countries to do it for us. For example, when you see comments from a random person that says “Great website. I enjoyed reading about the post” you may be less suspicious. However, when you see comments like the following pop up on your website, you realize things have just gone too far:

A new comment on the post #3 “Seeking the TOP Instructors to teach English to the best students in Ulsan! ” is waiting for your approval

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