Forget Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama…

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It’s Brandon Na’s endorsement that will change the slight reverse in sentiment towards Hillary Clinton back into Obama’s hands. Just kidding…

Honestly, I’ve grown a bit tired of the tactics used by the Clintons. They’re trying to play the “politics game” the way Republicans play it and attack the characters of the candidates vs. the integrity or content of the basic arguments at play. The campaigning has gotten too negative and the Clintons will do whatever it takes to get themselves elected for a second time into the Presidency.

Ms. Clinton stayed silent when her husband cheated on her. Ms. Clinton adjusts her policies to gain Republican approval. Ms. Clinton adjusts her campaigns according to what is needed, but fails to keep her integrity. While she’s female and potentially the first woman to become president, feel she’s the wrong woman.

Interestingly, I was writing the previous two paragraphs before I finally saw the news this morning (I get the news 1 day late in my Int’l Herald Tribune here in Busan) that Obama won South Carolina. It looks like the people in that state believe what I do or the African American population there really has a lot of weight.

Well, I’m not eloquently making my point today, but I’m really feeling Obama is the right person for the job. I just worry my earlier prediction about him suffering from the same event as J.F.K. though.

Anyway, here’s Kennedy’s and J.F.K.’s daughter’s endorsement of Obama.

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