What a difference a year makes…for a blog.

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In the first month of writing this thing, I had about 27 views which probably represented a bit of me and my friends. A month later, I climbed to a WHOPPING 37 views. I started to see a somewhat drastic climb in month three breaking 100 views for the month. Again, we’re talking about a whole 30 day stretch. Five months after starting, I climbed to 350+ views in the whole month! I thought I was rocking…

Today, I have over 350 views in a single day. Right now, the blog averages about 300+ views a day. Two days ago, I was 25 short of 400 views in a day breaking the records from before. It seems like this month is the month of 300+ views, whereas just a few weeks ago, it was breaking 200+ views vs. the 100+ views for a good month or two. I keep on waiting for the days that it will start to decline. I realize I just keep on placing more content here and so that helps the views, but I can’t be that interesting, can I?

To be frank, I don’t think I am. Also, the repeat visits aren’t particularly high. Most of the traffic at this point is search engine traffic from what I can tell. I have quite the variety which probably accounts for a lot of the traffic.

Regardless, what I’ve done over the past year is prove that you can grow traffic with diligent posting with somewhat related material even if it isn’t Pulitzer Prize winning writing. If I monetized it, I’m thinking I could possibly have made a few bucks off each month as well. I’m considering migrating over to the .com version of my site, but the funny thing is that some Joe blow thought my traffic was getting strong enough that he would suck off the traffic somehow and bought my domain. I should sue him for Trademark infringement 😉


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2 responses to “What a difference a year makes…for a blog.

  1. By the way, I thought originally the 300+ views represented a low number of people, but it represents about 200+ unique individuals.

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