Teacher may be fired for naked punishment

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January 31, 2008
“May” be fired? If this teacher isn’t fired, I think I’m going to have to do more than just post the article here about the incident. I’ll be publishing the article below about this incident where a teacher punished their 4 year old student by keeping outside naked below.
Before that though, I just wanted to comment on it. I can NOT believe this happened. If my kids were punished like this, I would want to kill the teacher literally. The emotional damage on top of the FREEZING COLD weather we are having lately basically puts this act up in the echelons of some of the most embarrassing child abuse that’s been reported. At first, I was soooooooo embarrassed that people from my own diaspora would do something like this, I didn’t want to publish it. However, after thinking about it, I thought it’s best to have it out in the open to hopefully prevent it from ever happening again.
Again, if this teacher is NOT fired, there needs to be some protests or MANY PARENTS needing to unenroll from this preschool.
A female teacher at a day care center in Seoul may lose her job after forcing a 4-year-old girl to stand outside naked in subzero weather last week in Itaewon, Seoul, according to a Yongsan police official.
The Yongsan District Office, which operates the day care center, filed a complaint against the 25-year-old teacher on Tuesday and also asked the Gender Ministry to cancel the certificates of the teacher and the center’s 71-year-old principal.
The incident came to light after a New Zealand woman photographed the incident and posted it on Dave’s ESL Cafe, a Web site popular with English teachers here.
According to the district office, the teacher made the 4-year-old girl stand naked outside an emergency exit on the second floor. On that day, temperatures in Seoul ranged from a high of minus 1.8 degrees Celsius (28 F) to a low of minus 9.6 degrees.
According to the police official, the teacher told the police, “[The girl] was so upset when I stopped her from harassing her friend that she took her top off. I was so mad at the moment that I took her pants off, too.” She said, “[I] told her ‘if you keep doing that, I will send you to a nursery school for bad kids and opened the emergency exit door. She went out, and I let her in after about one to two minutes.”
The woman who took the picture, however, said in her posting that it happened one other time, with a little boy. “Both times they’ve been out there for about 15 minutes, shaking and screaming,” she wrote.
The Yongsan District Office and the city government confirmed the teacher gave the “naked punishment” to another 4-year-old child last month.
The woman, a university graduate with a major in child education whom police did not name, holds a teaching certificate, according to the district office. She started working at the center in March of last year.
“How can someone make a girl stand outside naked? I am worried she will be ashamed for the rest of her life,” said the girl’s mother, who refused to be named.By Lee Chung-hyung JoongAng Ilbo/ Kim Soe-jung Staff Reporter [soejung@joongang.co.kr]


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7 responses to “Teacher may be fired for naked punishment

  1. While forcing her to strip down certainly adds to the shock value of this punishment, I don’t think it’s the wisest thing to do, period. Locking a child outside the emergency exit is just asking for trouble. She could have climbed over that railing in a tantrum and fallen over (I’ve seen kids climb on top of things while having tantrums when I worked with small children, and it’s amazing what they can accomplish). A predator may have hopped up the stairs and snatched her, and nobody would have noticed for 15 minutes, which is plenty of time to do the unthinkable. At very least, in those temperatures, the child would have been at risk for becoming ill or frostbitten.

    What ever happened to facing the corner for a time-out or sending her over to the principal’s office?

  2. Chris

    What ever happen to this teacher?

  3. Wow!! How can any teacher do something like this. Has she been fired?? I HOPE so!!

  4. Gary

    I really want to share this with mothers and fathers out there plz look at this website it made my heart stop I cannot believe this article, plz take the time to read and put a end to this ! This is no way boys should be treated… APPARENTLY THIS WOMAN LEARNED FROM THIS MISTERPOLL WEBSITE READDDD THIS!


  5. EAI

    A 4 year old?! That’s pedophilia! Now if they were teens and developed at least a bit into women hood it would be something else, but doing that to a four year old can screw them up a lot.

  6. CookieMonster

    They shouldn’t only just fire the teacher but do the same thing to her BUT FOR TWICE as much time as she did to the little kid.

    @Dude Below
    Its a boy not a girl.

  7. CookieMonster

    Let me fix my last comment

    its a girl not a boy

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